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This Privacy Policy has been crafted by SeizeTheAds to showcase our commitment to privacy and protection of your information and data. Collecting, retaining, protecting and, in some cases, disclosing your information and data is a part of our usual services and it’s done in order to serve you better. Your privacy is important and in order to protect it in a better manner, we are presenting you this notice which explains our information practices and also elucidates all the choices you have about the way your information is collected and used. By using the SeizeTheAds Website and/or SeizeTheAds Affiliate Network as an Advertiser or Publisher, you are granting us the acceptance to the terms of this Privacy Policy and you are consenting to the Network’s outlined practices. Any defined term used herein, but not defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed to the terms in the Terms of Use.

1. Information that we Collect during your Visit to the SeizeTheAds Network

For a user to register as an Advertiser or a Publisher on the SeizeTheAds Affiliate Network, the following information is required:

Some of these bits of information, such as passwords and email addresses, are collected in order to verify the user’s identity to access our services and are stored in our database. All of that and the rest are provided by the users in order to verify their identity which smoothen the business dealings and results in proper communications between the Network, Affiliates and Merchants.

2. Perusal of User and Client Information

Your personal information may only be used if necessary for interests related to our business proceedings which are purely legitimate. This includes sending the user crucial information and updates regarding products, alerts and miscellaneous service announcements. Your IP address might prove to be essential in order to protect each and every party against the mere possibility of fraud. All of this information will be preserved in the Network Database for as long as it’s relevant to comply with SeizeTheAds terms of use, any merchant agreement or program, investigation involving the Government or any other proceedings of such sorts.

3. Consumer Information that we Collect via Campaign Tracking Mechanism

Your personal information (incl. your IP address, web browser and device information along with other bits of information mentioned in this document) might be processed by the SeizeTheAds Network for our legitimate business proceedings. Our legitimate business proceedings include tracking of sales referral data, prevention of fraud and security of the network. As mentioned before, all of this information will be preserved in the Network Database for as long as it’s relevant to comply with SeizeTheAds terms of use, any merchant agreement or program, investigation involving the Government or any other proceedings of such sorts.

4. Cookies

There are certain types of information and data that we collect and store when you interact with us. This is possible by using “cookies” and logs—two very helpful tools that process information from internet devices while users access the SeizeTheAds website and/or our campaign tracking mechanism. We handle these cookies with optimum responsibility and the cookie period is 30 days. They help us in improving the user experience—which in turn ensures that we are able to serve you in the best manner possible.

5. Correction, Deletion & Blockage of Personal Information

As a user of the SeizeTheAds Affiliate Network, you have the rights to:

In case you’re registered as an Advertiser or as a Publisher at the affiliate network, you can access your personal information via your account interface in order to modify/update the data as per your wishes. For additional help regarding access, correction, deletion and blockage of personal information, feel free to contact us via email at

6. Information Disclosure

We neverprocess, peruse, or share the personally identifiable information presented to us online in any ways other than ones elucidated in the Privacy Policy. In that case too, we provide users an opportunity to opt out or prohibit such unrelated uses except in this case. Personally identifiable information which is required to be shared with Advertisers and Publishers for any Affiliate programs that they join on SeizeTheAds, for the information would be communicated to Affiliates for verifying and transmitting commissions accordingly. SeizeTheAds Affiliate Network keeps user data totally secure and will never wilfully sell, lease, or rent any personally identifiable data of users and their businesses to any third party.

7. Security

Protection of users’ information and data is one of our core principles and to ensure that user data is protected in the best manner possible, SeizeTheAds uses razor sharp technology to protect your data from use, misuse, or alteration by unauthorized third parties. We pursue the effective Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol in order to keep the user data and transactions under a thick blanket of security. With SSL, all the personal information of the user, credit card number(s), and address are encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Your data is protected through reasonable and appropriate security measures, including but not limited to logical access restrictions, physical hardware and security restrictions, network restrictions, system access restrictions, and the principle of least privilege.

8. Amendments Regarding this Policy

The SeizeTheAds Affiliate Network reserves the complete right to add, amend, and make changes to this privacy policy to keep up with new laws and regulations in the market or if we determine that amendments are required for any reasons other than the given. To check when the amendment or changes have been made, check the latest date of amendment which is posted at the bottom of this policy.

9. General

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into and subject to the terms of the SeizeTheAds Terms of Use.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the practices of this Site, please contact us at

Last Updated on 22nd November, 2023