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Social Media Politics

India has been the land of unexpected transformation which has made the world to get in shock with its epitome of achievement. Moving on with the trend India has marked its impact not only at the national level but also globally.

INDIA – THE REPUBLIC, this bold text has made the world to understand that India is just not the land of gratitude its a superpower growing with remarkable speed that implanted the fear in rebellious groups around the world, India has diversified its growth not only in the sector of public offerings or in defense but also in trending market place of world that is SOCIAL MEDIA. As many of us are aware of 1991 ECONOMIC POLICY, this was the phase where India was stretching its dimensions across the globe and was entering into global hub.

When Indians get into the sector of the World Wide Web, they were introduced to that dynamic feature of the virtual world which was going to change the whole working scenario of this land.

After two decades digitalization came into picture which urged the Indians to make their boundaries open and work digitally and increase their working area.

Now coming into the title “Virtual world is empowering world’s biggest republic”, the transformation which led us to explore beyond our limit also gave the boom to the Indian Politics. Social media has defined the enormous platform for political parties where they can draw their propaganda and make it viral across the country. The social world has grown the limitless reach for our republic which has made every single individual understand what political agendas and their manifesto are all about and accordingly every one could estimate that whom they want to rule over them.

Social World has led the nation to attest the sense of virtual presence where all political parties can present and could transform any change in sitting about a thousand miles away e.g. 3D rallies, discussion on social media, Mann ki Baat, & many social media programs.

Social media and politics

Then comes social handlers or digital marketing agencies which help these parties to draw their visual in a social network which will frame their agendas and their planned working system to be presented. According to a recent search, BJP has spent billions in digital marketing for Lok Sabha elections 2019.

Digital Marketing Agencies has rolled down the extraordinary impact throughout the nation. What question does the general public ask?  is that, they were not aware of what political agendas and propaganda are!….. by taking smarter move BJP ran the political videos and their agendas on internet with the shoulder of digital marketing, they reached to last corner of the country in just one click, which furnished their image in Lok Sabha election campaign.

Social media has always been the place of adventures where no one can reach, then social media takes acceleration and post their landmark.

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